We do not take reservations at this time  

We are a small restaurant with a seating of 30 people. Our biggest table is for about 8-10 people. If you are a larger group you can break up into multiple table groups if you come at a busy time and do not mind splitting up!

Unfortunately we do not take reservations at this time and we seat you when everyone in your party has arrived in the restaurant. To prevent customers from holding tables, and in order to efficiently serve as many customers as we can, we have implemented this rule. Even when you walk in and its quiet, you are lucky to have arrived before everyone does!! -- but the seats will quickly fill up, so we ask that you wait patiently at the door for everyone in your group to be present before we seat you, even when the restaurant seems quiet! We are trying to keep everything consistent, and fair to all our customers, so we hope you understand and we ask that you be kind to our servers 🙂! If there is a wait, you can register your name on the kiosk near the front entrance and we will notify you when a table is available!

   Group Charges  
For groups of 6 people or more, there is a 18% gratuity applied to the bill. 

   Outside Cakes & pastries  
Similar to BYOB if you bring your own cake or pastries there is a $25 charge applied to your bill.