Our sushi chef is currently injured so sushi availability will vary, there will be days we won't be serving sushi! Call ahead to see if we are serving sushi if you are planning to come in only for sushi. We apologize for any inconveniences.

NO sushi orders between 1:30pm-5pm on Wed, Thurs, & Fri.

Place your sushi orders by 1:30pm or after 5pm.

Sushi is available all day on Saturday and Sunday.

We are not a sushi shop, so we have a limited menu and stock, and only serve sushi izakaya style. For most days we will sell cooked rolls, and salmon is available until we sell out (prepared fresh every day). Tuna, Scallop, Unagi, Hamachi, Special Fishes, etc will only be available occasionally as limited specials.
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As we only have one sushi chef right now, your order may take some time, and will come out whenever it is ready in no particular order. If you are in a rush please ask your server for a more precise wait time before you order sushi.

Mackerel Aburi (6pc) $20 *Limited Special item*
Pressed torched mackerel, Saikyo miso, nori (seaweed), rice, green onions

Salmon Aburi (6pc)  $20 ⭐ 

Pressed flame-seared salmon and rice, yuzu mayo, garnish with jalapenos
*please note this is a flame seared dish so it will not be as a good of takeout as dine in*

Tako Wasabi Raw $8 

Raw octopus marinate, wasabi stems, nori sheets, limited quantities each day

Tako Wasabi Cooked $8 

Cooked octopus marinate, wasabi stems, nori sheets, limited quantities each day

Hosomaki: when seaweed is wrapped around the outside of the roll
  * Contains masago    
** Contains sesame seeds

  Sushi Roll (6pc)    or    Handroll (1pc)  
Cucumber Roll (Hosomaki)** • $7 🌿

Wakame Cucumber Roll** $8 🌿

Avocado Roll • $9 🌿

Avocado & Cucumber Roll** $9 🌿
Inari (sweet tofu) Roll (Hosomaki) • $8 🌿

Sweet Potato Roll**$10 🌿 

Crispy Salmon Skin Roll (w green onions) • $8 

California Roll* (w imitation crab, avocado, cucumber) • $9 

Shrimp Temp & Avocado Roll* • $13 

Shrimp Temp & Cucumber Roll* • $13

Spicy Salmon Roll* • $12 

Salmon Avocado Roll* • $10 

Salmon Cucumber Roll* • $10 

Salmon Roll (Hosomaki) • $10

  Nigiri (2pc)    or    Sashimi (3pc)   

Nigiri is fish is placed on top of the rice. Sashimi is just the slices of fish.

Salmon Nigiri • $8.5 

Spicy Salmon Nigiri • $9.5
Salmon Sashimi • $10

Spicy Salmon Sashimi • $11

Modify any of your sushi roll:
Add spicy mayo to roll • $1

Add sesame seeds • $0.75

Add seaweed flakes • $0.75
Add avocado • $2
Add cucumber • $2

Add Kabayaki sauce (sauce for unagi) • $1

Add Masago • $1.5

Add side order Spicy Mayo Dip • $2.75
Add extra ginger $2

Add extra wasabi  $2
Add extra soysauce for takeout  $0.10/packet

For take out: please note wasabi, ginger and soy sauce that comes with your rolls are complimentary, please check if we have packed it and let us know if we missed some. We will NOT be "compensating" for any missed complimentary ginger, wasabi or soy sauce. 

We are looking for sushi chefs with at least 2 years of experience,  if you know anyone with the right qualifications, please send a resume to or drop your resume off at the store!

All prices listed on this website are subject to change with out notice and may not be updated with in store prices. If you notice any price differences please let us know so we can keep it updated across all our platforms!